Design Services

Red Tail offers as part of its build process, Design Services. This is not an additional cost but is included in the overall process. Red Tail’s Design-Partner Plan allows you, the client, to explore design options with continued budgetary feedback. This process gives you and your designer the ability to develop a project that is the best balance between design goals and investment goals.

The plan begins with a goals and budget meeting where you and a Red Tail Designer spend time identifying the goals and objectives that you have for your proposed project.
Subsequent to this initial stage a budgetary range is discussed for your project. The next stage in the process is the Design-Partner stage.

The intention of this stage is to bring you and your project closer to the project-build stage by creating drawings, where we put ideas on paper, 1st as illustrative viewings that will become refined until ultimately buildable plans are created for your project. Typically we create scaled floor plans and 3-dimensional perspectives of the proposed project ideas: